Razor Rough G Stamp Black Enamel

This razor consists of 6 large Beads with 9 black G's cut out and crafted from smooth polished Stainless Steel.

The razor is wrapped in the Luxury Box including 2 shaving cartridges (1 for face and 1 for body) and a travel pouch.

In addition you can opt for:
  • The razor with the Bathroom Stand in the Luxury Box
  • The razor with the Bathroom Stand in the Exclusive Gift Box. This box contains as an offer a 30ml bottle of Foaming Shaving Oil, worth € 14.95.
  • The razor in the Luxury Box and the Wall mount separately wrapped.
Artikelnummer: GHAND00713C

Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad

€ 83,00

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Our exclusive razors are handmade of the highest quality surgical stainless steel. The production of one individual razor takes several days of craftsmanship.



Basis Materiaal Beads RVS
Materiaal Afwerking Beads Emaille en RVS
RVS Afwerking Razor Base Glanzend RVS


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